3414, Avenue du Parc, Suite 306

Montréal, QC H2X 2H5

Clinique de la Vie  is a member of Hydrotherapy Montreal association.

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Please, pay attention:

If patients need advice or cure any disease they must consult their specialized doctor, family doctor or go to the hospital. We are only doing prevention and maintaining the well being. We as Naturopaths not allowed to advise anything. We recommend a diet that might help solidify immune system etc.


Votre attention s'il vous plaît:

Si les patients ont besoin de conseils ou de guérir une maladie, ils doivent consulter leur médecin spécialisé, médecin de famille ou aller à l'hôpital.
Nous ne faisons que la prévention et la maintenance du bien-être.
Nous comme les naturopathes, ne pouvons rien conseiller.
Nous recommandons un régime qui pourrait aider à solidifier le système immunitaire etc.


The member of Association des Naturopathes Professionnels du Québec and Association Canadienne de Naturopathie en Médecine Traditionnelle Chinoise.

Le membre de Association des Naturopathes Professionnels du Québec et Association Canadienne de Naturopathie en Médecine Traditionnelle Chinoise.

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We provide receipts for insurance for liver cleanse and massages.


Nous fournissons des reçus pour l'assurance pour le nettoyage du foie et les massages.

Call for Appointements: (514)700-4495


Who We Are

Clinique Source de la Vie

Clinique Source de la Vie is a modern center of alternative medicine in Montreal, whose services are focused on restoring the effective functioning of your body. The main activities of the center are hydrotherapy, liver cleaning, and spa services.


Technologies that are used by our center have been improved over the centuries of practical applications, but due to progress, we can make therapy procedures even more effective and comfortable for customers.

The specialists of the center will conduct a deep diagnosis of your rectum and, guided by the received data, will select for you the optimal method of therapy. Due to highly qualified staff, modern technology, and equipment. Your staying in the Source de la Vie center will leave only positive impressions.

The colon irrigation will help you to feel lightness again, lose weight, and free the body from unnecessary toxins and food that got stacked there. In addition, the hydro colon therapy method provides reliable prevention of colorectal cancer. More than a decade of experience and a lot of positive feedback confirms the high efficiency of this procedure.

Besides, the center offers the following services:

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